A new study finds that video games can make you…kinder?

While many studies have associated video games with increased aggression, a new study finds that relaxing video games may be associated with positive mood states and a willingness to help others.

Brad Bushman, the study co-author and professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, says this is his first time looking at calming video games and their impact on behavior. The simple reason being that these types of video games never existed until recently.

The study consisted of 150 college students randomly assigned to play a video game that was relaxing, neutral or violent for 20 minutes. During the first experiment, students were asked to compete against another player by pushing a button as quickly as possible (little did the participants know that the competitor was imaginary). The winner would receive a financial reward, while the loser would be punished with a noise blast through headphones. Before each trial, participants could determine how much they would reward their competitors if they won and how strong a noise blast they would receive if they lost.

Those who played the violent video games punished their partners the most and rewarded them the least, CBS News reports. Meanwhile, those who had played relaxing video games gave the lowest levels of noise and the most amount of money.

A second experiment rated participants’ emotions after they had played their assigned video game and found those who played relaxing games were in a more positive mood. The experiment ended with one last simple test. The researchers asked the participants if they would mind helping sharpen pencils before the next participants arrived. Those who had just played relaxing games were more willing to help, CNET reports.

The research will be published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

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