Peace through Statistics

Nominations for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize include three ex-Yugoslavian statisticians: Miodrag Lovrić (Serbia), Jasmin Komić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Ksenija Dumičić (Croatia). Their focus? Statistics and statistics education. In war-torn and impoverished countries, statistics provides a welcome arena in which science runs independent of ethnicity and religion. With so few resources, many countries are graduating few, if any, PhDs in statistical sciences. These statisticians collaboratively began a campaign to collect together the basics underlying statistics and statistics education, with the hope of increasing access to statistical ideas, knowledge and training around the world.

According to the nomination by Academy of Sciences and Arts (and its president) of the Republika Srpska, these statisticians “provided an outstanding contribution to world peace and science, making the largest international scientific project ever implemented in history (the number of countries involved)—the International Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences—which is the work of 619 eminent experts from 105 countries from six continents.” Moreover, one of the justifications stated, “No one in history has ever managed to unite, like brothers, the nations on this planet under one pacifistic and scientific idea, as it succeeded Miodrag Lovrić, Jasmin Komić, and Ksenija Dumičić due to the fact that they and their many years of outstanding efforts could unite scientists from countries that account for 90% of the world’s population.”

Read more from the blog of the American Statistical Association:

One Response to Peace through Statistics

  1. Cosmo says:

    Largest scientific project ever? What about the Human Genom Project or the LHC at CERN?

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