Will you ring-in 2011 with a resolution?

As 2010 comes to a close, there is a lot of discussion about New Year’s resolutions, but how many Americans actually plan to make a change?

According to this year’s Marist Poll of 1,029 U.S. residents, 56 percent of Americans say they are not likely to set a goal for themselves going into 2011, while 44 percent report it is likely that they will make a resolution. The poll also revealed that an equal amount of men and women, 44 percent, plan to make a resolution. For those under the age of forty-five, 58 percent claim they plan to make a New Year’s resolution, compared to only 34 percent of those forty-five and older.

Of course keeping a resolution is easier said than done. The Marist Poll also revealed that out of those who made a resolution last year, 60 percent reported that they kept their resolution for at least part of the year, while 40 percent did not.

What are some of this year’s most popular resolutions? USA Today outlines a survey by Tweetbeat, which analyzed over 5,000 New Year’s resolution tweets. The most popular were:

Personality improvements/ philosophical outlook on life: 23%

Relationships (getting into a relationship, getting over an ex): 9%

Twitter and Facebook (more/fewer tweets, quitting certain sites): 7%

Learning or improving a skill: 6%

Work/career/school goals: 6%

Finances: 4%

Meanwhile, the top two resolutions in the Marist Poll were quitting smoking (17%) and losing weight (16%).

For those of you who do plan to make a New Year’s resolution, an article by The Wall Street Journal suggests helpful tips. Some of those recommended include planning early, strengthening your self control, reducing stress, focusing on positive new behaviors and rewarding yourself when you succeed.

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