Survey finds a broken heart may cause men more pain than women

A new survey of  1,611 unmarried men and women (ages 18 to 23), conducted by Wake Forest University and Florida University, finds that men suffer more emotional heartbreak after a split than women.  The Telegraph reports that young men experience identity issues and feelings of low self-worth post-break up.

One reason men may go through more emotional pain is their lack of close social relationships. Sociology processor Melanie Bartley from University College London tells the Telegraph that relationships between young men tend to be more competitive than supportive. Women often have a wider network of relationships they can rely on during difficult times.

The survey also found that men and women express their grief in different ways. Women are more likely to discuss their emotions with friends and family, while men are more inclined to turn to substances, such as drugs and alcohol.

WebMD reports these findings:

  • The harmful stress of a roller-coaster relationship is more likely to affect the mental health of young men than young women.
  • A recent breakup from a romantic relationship affects the mental health of young women more than young men.
  • Young women are more emotionally affected than their romantic partners when it comes to being in a relationship or not. Young men, on the other hand, are more affected emotionally by the quality of their current relationships.

This study is published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

2 Responses to Survey finds a broken heart may cause men more pain than women

  1. Matt Klein says:

    Actually, I thought the study shows that young men are more affected by the roller coaster highs and lows of a relationship, but the breakup is worse for young women. You report something different, that the breakup is more difficult for males.

  2. advice says:

    […] so my BS isn't BS Men go through more pain than women: Survey finds a broken heart may cause men more pain than women Heartache and the Vangus nerve, why we feel heartache: Saturday science subject: Heartache – The […]

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