Vital Statistics

The size of the dating pool affects partner choice

A new study indicates that the traits people search for in potential partners may depend on the size of the dating pool. According to psychologists at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, people are more likely to focus on physical characteristics when scanning the crowd for potential dates. In part, this is because physical features do not require a lot of time to asses. The opposite is true in smaller groups where people are more likely to hone in on personality characteristics.

Chemistry of ocean changing rapidly

According to a report from the National Research Council, due to the carbon dioxide being absorbed from the atmosphere the ocean’s chemistry is changing faster that it has in at least 800,000 years.  The report discusses the declining pH levels, which raises concerns about the effects this chemistry change will have on fish, coral reefs, and other sea life.

Is indoor tanning addictive?

According to a new study published in the Archives of Dermatology, about one third of college students who use tanning beds on a regular basis could be classified as addicted, based on the same criteria that is used to diagnose substance abuse addiction. It was also found that those who frequent tanning beds reported greater alcohol and marijuana use, as well as having more symptoms of anxiety.

Study finds students are dependent upon social media

New research out of University of Maryland challenged 200 students to abstain from using media for 24 hours, and then to blog about the experience. Students who participated in the challenged suffered from symptoms of withdrawal, using terms such as, “anxious, antsy, and jittery”. Students also seemed to suffer from emotional anxiety, saying they felt alone and secluded. Participants wrote about 110,000 words on their experience, according to the press release this is equal to about a 400-page novel.

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