Scientautism: A bad week gets worse for Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

A week ago, America’s top vaccine schmexperts, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, denounced the General Medical Council in England. The Council  reprimanded Dr. Andrew Wakefield over the way he conducted his experiments on children for a paper, published in the Lancet in 1998, which can be credited with launching the idea that vaccines cause autism into mainstream public consciousness. The Lancet retracted the paper.

JennyJim described the Council as a “kangaroo” court in hock to BigPharma;  the Council described Wakefield’s research as “misleading” “dishonest” and “irresponsible.” Ten of the 13 authors had already disavowed the study.

As proof of the vital work Dr. Wakefield was doing on autism, JennyJim hailed a new paper he co-authored –

“…along with eight other distinguished scientists from institutions like the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Washington, of a set of studies that explore the topic of vaccinated versus unvaccinated neurological outcomes using monkeys.

The first phase of this monkey study was published three months ago in the prestigious medical journal Neurotoxicology, and focused on the first two weeks of life when the vaccinated monkeys received a single vaccine for Hepatitis B, mimicking the U.S. vaccine schedule. The results, which you can read for yourself HERE, were disturbing. Vaccinated monkeys, unlike their unvaccinated peers, suffered the loss of many reflexes that are critical for survival.”

The paper, which was published online last October, has now been withdrawn “at the request of the editor” of NeuroToxicology.

In a further agonistic development, a new case-control study to be published in the May edition of the Pediatric Infant Disease Journal failed to find an association between the MMR vaccine and autism; in fact, “for children vaccinated before diagnosis, autism risk was lower in children vaccinated with MMR than in the nonvaccinated.” (hat tip – Ben Goldacre)

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