Vital Statistics

Who would have thought…study finds people are happier on the weekend

New research finds that people are in a better mood on the weekend. This study falls directly into our “Department of Obvious Research” category; however, there are some findings worth noting.

Not only do people feel better mentally, but physically as well. The survey results showed that people also feel more competent on the weekend than during the week, and that mostly everyone is happier on the weekend, including those who are happy at their jobs. Happiness transcended a variety of factors including profession, salary, age and marital status.

Study suggests self-control is contagious

After conducting a series of five experiments, a research team out of the University of Georgia says that self-control is contagious. Their results show that simply observing or thinking about someone with good self-control increases one’s own willpower. This sounds like good news; however, they also found the opposite to be true. Those with bad self-control influence those around them negatively.

This study may be the first to show that self-control is infectious across all types of behaviors. For example, they discovered if someone observers a person with high self-control when it comes to diet, this could make the observer more likely to exhibit self-control with a variety of their own personal goals.

High levels of Omega-3 may help you live longer

New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds yet another benefit to omega-3 fatty acids – it may just help you live longer. Research finds that heart patients who consumed high amounts of omega-3 had longer telomeres, the section of DNA associated with life span.

Telomere length was measured over a period of five years in 608 patients who had previous heart problems. Compared to patients with low omega-3 levels in their white blood cells, those with high levels of the fatty acid had considerably less shortening of telomeres over the five year span.

Kids spending 8 hours a day using media

The amount of time children in the U.S.  spend using media had increased drastically to 8 hours a day. The Kaiser Family Foundation has found that over the past five years, the amount of time 8 to 18 year olds have spent using multiple types of media has increased by 1 hour and 17 minutes a day.

Over 2,000 American children between the ages of 8 and 18 were surveyed for this study. The report says this dramatic rise is in part due to the increased use of cell phones and iPods. In a period of five years, the number of children with cell phones has increased from 39 percent to 66 percent, and the number of kids with iPods has increased from 18 percent to 76 percent.

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