Study finds lower incidence of autism in vaccinated kids

Reuters reports on a remarkable Polish study which found that children who were given the MMR vaccine had lower rates of autism than those who did not get vaccinated:

When the researchers looked only at children who had been vaccinated before their autism diagnosis, they found that children who had received the MMR vaccine had an 83 percent lower risk of autism than unvaccinated children. Similarly, the measles-only vaccine was associated with a 56 percent lower risk.

When the researchers looked at children who had been vaccinated before showing any symptoms of autism, MMR vaccination was again linked to a lower risk of the disorder. The measles-only vaccine showed no effect on autism risk.

This raises the intriguing question of what accounts for the appearance of a protective effect. Reuters reports that one theory may be that children who were in the early stages of exhibiting autistic behavior were not given the vaccine.

Kudos for Reuters leading the piece with a forthright assertion of the lack of evidence for a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

5 Responses to Study finds lower incidence of autism in vaccinated kids

  1. Michael says:

    I guess this will be a blow to all of the Jenny McCarthies out there!? This should help to alleviate the concerns of vaccines causing autism. I agree we should take care in watching whether or not vaccinated children exhibit the signs of autism, as well as the un-vaccinated children! I have a great nephew with autism and it is not minor problem. But, blaming it on vaccinations, might actually be a reason more research has not been done!?

    People also have to realize that medical science does not have all of the answers! If they did, there would be a cure for autism and every other neural affecting disease (ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc.), out there. Why don’t we have the answers…because we doctors are not all knowing and omnipotent. (although many doctors could be accused of having a god complex) Doctors know a lot, but there is much more we don’t know!

  2. Interesting report, I hadn’t been aware of this study conducted by Polish researchers.. I’m going to take a moment to read more into it. Thanks.

  3. Ross Coe says:

    How easy it is for people to jump on they “WE ARE RIGHT BANDWAGON” This story gives no detail, and its just too convenient in its findings. Being an intelligent person, its just not evidence that would convince me.

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