Exploding the exploding Pyrex rumor

Urban myth debunker Snopes.com set the Internet alight with its pronouncement that Pyrex really does explode. And then it backtracked. STATS explains why Snopes got it wrong here.

5 Responses to Exploding the exploding Pyrex rumor

  1. Angela Meiergerd says:

    Last night while making a casserole my pyrex dish exploded on me breaking into MANY small glass peices that flew through the kitchen. The casserole was on the stove top with none of the burners on. Kind of scarry. My 2 yrs old daughter was in the kitchen too.

  2. Maureen Ward says:

    My husband was cooking steaks in the oven when our pyrex dish exploded. We had this dish for 23 years. I think I will get rid of all of my pyrex now.

    • You’ve been using this dish for 23 years and because it shattered, you’re going to get rid of all you’re Pyrex? That seems like an over-reaction to me. Twenty-three years of cooking will have left a lot of abrasion on the dish – scratches and dings that you might not have thought of as significant but which will have compromised the strength. And who cooks steaks in the oven? Were you broiling the meat?

  3. nigel easom says:

    I am usually all for urbam myths being debunked but my experience last night leaves me very concerned.

    I am A UK resident and my pyrex measuring jug was brought in a british hardware cahain store – Wilkinsons. I do not know any more about its origin.

    I took the jug out of my cupboard and placed boiling liquid in it which was poured into my casserole.

    The pyrex jug was then placed on my metal drainer nothing happened. The jug was not used again except to have dirty implements placed in it.

    2-3 hours later I washed the jug in warm water (hand hot or less) and placed it on the drainer. A minute or two later it exploded sending a considerable amount of glass around my kitchen.

    This seems different to other people’s stories where it seems to have happened during cooking. I do not think I was palcing the jug under extreme heat conditions. I may have been wrong to place it on a metal surface but this does not seem extreme to me and anyway nothing happened until some hours later. The jug didnt just shatter or crack but sent pieces of glass all over my kitchen it was extremely dangerous, not to say frightening. As far as I am aware the jug did not come with any safety instructions.

    My case does not seem to fit within the broad descriptions used to debunk the explosion stories and I will not be buying pyrex again. This is an urbam myth I will continue to take seriously.

  4. Neal says:

    Approx. 2 weeks ago I was baking a loaf of bread. It had been baking for approx. 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Then the pyrex glass pan just shattered. And yes. It did sound like an explosion. They are only 3 years old. And I understand having a problem trusting the product.

    I have another pyrex glass bread pan and will not use it. People can make fun of this. But it is a very dangerous situation. Just very lucky that I was not opening up the oven at the time it happened.

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