Imagine that? Study finds men are dogs when it comes to sex; women, picky

Penetrating new research finds that men are much less picky when it comes to finding a one-night stand. Women, on the other hand, appear to have higher standards when choosing a man for casual sex.

Who are the people that spent their days researching the thoughts behind choosing a one-night stand? That would be Achim Schützwohl and his team located at Brunel University in England. They interviewed college students from the United States, Germany, and Italy – 427 males and 433 females in total.

Each student was asked to imagine being approached by a member of the opposite sex described as either “slightly unattractive,” “moderately attractive,” or “exceptionally attractive.” This imaginary person would then ask the student to go out on a date, go to their apartment, or go to bed with them. The participants would answer on a scale of 0 to 100 rating how likely they would be to accept each of these offers.

Men were more likely than the women participants to accept all of the requests regardless of attractiveness; however, they were – not surprisingly – more likely to accept when the woman was described as moderately or exceptionally attractive. According to Healthday’s article on the study, men had an average likelihood of 46 in response to the offer to sleep together, while women only had an average of 4.

The female participants placed more emphasis on looks. They were much more likely to accept the apartment and casual sex invitations from an exceptionally attractive man than from a moderately attractive or slightly unattractive man.

Perhaps more interesting was that the research found that cultural differences intruded on having an imaginary good time. German men were the least likely to accept the offers to go out, go to the apartment, or go to bed. Italian men were the most likely to accept the offer for a one-night stand, while American men accepted more offers than the German participants, but not as many as the Italians.

The study was published online in the journal Human Nature.

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3 Responses to Imagine that? Study finds men are dogs when it comes to sex; women, picky

  1. Lee says:

    Rather than a study of how people are likely to act in these situations, this appears to be more a study of how people are likely to respond when *interviewed* with these questions … in other words how they want the interviewer to perceive them.

  2. Kenneth Freeman says:

    “Men are dogs, and women are picky.” Naaahahhaaht!! How about this,, IF “Men are DOGS, ” then why not retort, “Women are COUGARS. “

  3. Public Health Issues…

    […]Imagine that? Study finds men are dogs when it comes to sex; women, picky «[…]…

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