Generation Y is just like every other generation, really

Gen Y, the millenials, the iPod generation – omg! They’re so different from everyone else who has ever lived, in like, history! And if you don’t understand how this multi-tasking, super-wired, digitally-framed, social-networking cohort is different, you’re going 2b history, dude!

Chances are you’ve read or heard some version of this pablum: these kids are different; their development in a world framed by digital technology has wired them to function in different ways, which means you have to change your perspective on how to do business, communicate with, train, supervise, and retain the loyalty of these strange, demanding, facebook-addicted creatures. Think of it as child-centered managing – let the kids supervise and train themselves through blogging and social networking or whatever. It’ll be fun!

Of course, one of the key steps to understanding how everything has changed utterly is to buy a book from a web 2.0 guru who, like Clarissa, can explain it all.  And chief among these is Don Tapscott (born, 1947) who is to explaining Gen Y to the business world almost what Dr. Benjamin  Spock was to child-rearing in the post-war years. In short, trust the kids,  they  know more than you think you do.

Not so fast, reporteth the Financial Times: Two new studies show that Generation Y, at least in the workplace,  might not be as unique as previously thought

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