Boo for the Red Cross

So, the Red Cross doesn’t really keep track of income and expenditure, has failed to screen hundreds of donors for blood-borne diseases, has knowingly distributed thousands of flawed blood products, doesn’t keep track of mistakes it makes in testing the blood it collects for diseases, failed to examine 134 incidents of post transfusion hepatitis, doesn’t ensure its workers follow correct procedures for drawing blood, fires one of its officials for demanding it report mistakes to the FDA, as it is required to do by law, because, after exceptional performance reviews, she suddenly sucked at her job, and (deep breath), as a consequence of all this incompetence and negligence, documented by Stephanie Strom in the New York Times, may well have killed people.

And this is who we turn to in a time of disaster?

Congress normally has a fit at the most tentative statistical suggestion that a drug might have hitherto unknown side effects, all but waterboarding pharma execs; but for the past 15 years it has allowed the Red Cross to receive reprimand after reprimand from the FDA while under federal court order to improve the safety of the blood supply, and not conducted an inquiry or demanded accountability?

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  1. […] rightfully pointed out at the STATS blog, pharmaceutical companies would never be allowed the leeway that has been given to the American Red […]

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