Colon Blow or Asteroid Bang?

A professional astronomer who studies near-Earth asteroids weighs in on the recent debate, sparked by an Atlantic Monthly story, over what we should do to counter the threat of being struck from outer space. After describing the complexities of estimating the risk, and some rather tricky unforeseen consequences of going Bruce Willis on an inbound chunk of rock (what if the U.S. unilaterally knocked it into another country; what if another country acting unilaterally, knocked it into us), he concludes:

I think it’s good that this debate is happening.  But I think I can assure you that in terms of immediate threats to your health, you should focus instead on making sure you exercise and eat lots of fiber.

For the rest of his analysis, check out The Sky is Falling on Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish. Indeed, exercising more and eating more fiber probably outweighs the risks of walking barefoot in the grass.

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